Wardrobe malfunction

Paul Thorn – Burn Down The Trailer Park

Today’s Quote: “Planning is for amateurs.” — Stuart Wilde

Today’s Haiku:
Live a simple life.
Why is that so difficult?
It should be easy.

Technically, it wasn’t really a wardrobe malfunction. It was a downright wardrobe failure. Yes, the crotch of my jeans ripped right out and let in the breeze. Damned good thing I wasn’t freeballin’. I just don’t understand why that part of my jeans is always the first to go. With everyone else’s jeans, it’s usually the knees. It’s been years since I’ve had holes in the knees of my jeans. The pair I sacrificed for my 1992 Halloween costume doesn’t count.

I managed to get a few things accomplished today. I trimmed the trees in the front and back yards. I suppose the Huber Heights Yard Gestapo will have a problem with the pile of branches in the front yard. Well I didn’t set the hours of the yard waste facility. They’ll be hauled away next Saturday when the facility is open.

I noticed that sometime during the night someone left me the gift of a broken Gateway monitor on my curb. Thanks but you really shouldn’t have. I mean it; you shouldn’t have. If your local trash collector isn’t going to pick it up from your curb, what makes you think he’ll take it from mine? There’s a place on Webster Street where you can take your broken computer crap. It’s called the Montgomery County Solid Waste District North Plant. For a nominal fee, they’ll take your trash.

Seen at the top of the page in the Yellow Pages — Beauty-Beer
Could there be a relationship between the two? On the other hand it could be a new product . . .

“New from Budweiser — Beauty Beer! Drink a six pack of Budweiser Beauty Beer and she’ll be looking great long before closing time!” (Anheuser-Busch is not responsible for arms chewed off the morning after.)


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