OTR (again)

Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues

Today’s Quote: “Man is only miserable so far as he thinks himself so.” — Jacopo Sannazaro

Life is wonderful, yes it is. I have $3.87 in my checkbook to last 11 days. I’m sure I will need gas for my chariot before then. At current prices $3.87 won’t even fill my lawnmower. Actually, it will but you get my point.

Lord, deliver me from stupidity, particularly over the airwaves. I heard a commercial this morning for one of the many purveyors of fine jewelry that continually assault us with the necessity of buying diamonds. The woman in the commercial goes on about how her husband/boyfriend should consult a “diamond expert” (read “sales person at local jewelry store”) because she wouldn’t buy him a wrench with out consulting a “wrench expert.” I ask you, when was the last time anyone at Sears hardware (or wherever you buy your tools) provided you expert advice on what wrench you should buy? I don’t know about anyone else, but when I go to buy a wrench, I generally know what I’m looking for. If not, I can usually look at the selection of wrenches they have and figure it out. If your wife/girlfriend doesn’t know what wrench you need, then how would a “wrench expert” have any idea?

The other stupid commercial was for Independent Transmission or something. The scenario is the wife has hidden herself in the closet because she didn’t take the car to the Independent Transmission place to get it fixed or whatever. Maybe I’m old-fashioned or sexist (or both) but shouldn’t the husband have taken care of that? Isn’t that what we husbands are for — to get things fixed? Isn’t that like, the prime directive? Women only keep us around because we do useful things for them.


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2 thoughts on “OTR (again)”

  1. But there is a bit of joyous news today. I found the remote for my DVD player this morning. Oh, joy! Now I can see the special features! And the subtitles in French!


  2. Re: Wrench Expert
    I heard the “wrench expert” commercial on my way home this evening. It’s even stupider (more stupid?) than I remembered it. She goes on about how if she were to give her man a set of wrenches, she would consult the wrench expert to ensure that she got a “nice” set for the love of her life.
    A “nice” set of wrenches?! Yeah, right, whatever. Personally, I’m more interested in quality, usefulness for the job at hand, and a life-time guarantee. Maybe that defines a “nice” set of wrenches. What do I know? I’m not a wrench expert.
    So, if anyone is planning on purchasing a set of wrenches as a token of their undying love, be sure to get a “nice” set.


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