HTML & Hell

Today’s quote: “No hugs, dear, I am British. We only show affection to dogs and horses.” — Lady Dashwood, What A Girl Wants

Big Mama Thornton – Ball And Chain
Janis Joplin covered Ball And Chain on the Cheap Thrills album with Big Brother and the Holding Company. By the way, R. Crumb’s album art is great! I have it in my collection somewhere. Album art used to be so cool; you can’t do quite as much with a CD cover.

I stumbled across Webmaster World Forums while looking for something else. It might be of interest to anyone who does Web development.

I found CSE HTML Validator a couple days ago and downloaded their free Lite version. So far I like it since it integrates well with TextPad (my editor of choice) and it catches a lot my errors. Since it’s the “Lite” version and they want to sell you the full package, it tells you how many other errors and warnings it would have caught if you hadn’t been too cheap to buy the full package. The Lite version doesn’t know that CSS exists, although the Standard and Pro versions do. (I have a couple of pages with embedded CSS and it gave me a page full of errors.) That reminds me, I really ought to learn more about CSS; I haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet.

Here’s an open source Web Authoring System that I’ve played with a little bit. I didn’t care for the way it reformatted the text of my existing html source but there’s probably a way to configure it to your liking. I’ll probably play around with it some more with new pages or pages that don’t really matter much. The current version is 0.90.

Tonight I learned about Hell on the History Channel. It’s an interesting subject. I’ve actually been to Hell, twice. I have pictures to prove it. And I couldn’t get ice water there.


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