Nuthin’ Much

John Lee Hooker – Stripped Me Naked

Today’s quote: “The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes. They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.” — Orson Scott Card (1951- ), Xenocide [And then there are those who never recognize their mistakes or recognize their mistakes and never correct them.]

Last night I updated my MojoReisen pages. And please note the official spelling — it’s one word, not two, and the M and the R are capitalized. I’ve made the appropriate changes to my LJ and my blog as well. The MojoReisen page explains the origins. (Actually, the link takes you to the warning page but it will take you there.) What I could really use are a couple of really neat logos, a really cool jpeg or gif.

It was a typical evening, not much exciting happening here, just climbing the family tree again.


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