Nude Sims and Sausages

Foreigner – Hot Blooded

Today’s quote:
“There is only one satisfying way to boot a computer.” — J. H. Goldfuss

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Naked Sims? Sounds like fun. Where do we download the “skins?”
Here’s a tip I found:
Naked Sims

  1. press Ctrl, shift ,and c to get cheat mode
  2. enter: Move Objects_on
  3. get your Sims to take a shower
  4. in the middle of their shower pause the game and delete the shower
  5. your Sim will walk around naked but wont care

Effects are not permanent just get your Sim to sleep, change clothes, or swim to get them to normal.

Here’s a link:

I’m not into computer games but naked Sims might just catch my interest.

Woman cuts off man’s penis after he wants out of relationship. The organ was flushed down a toilet, but a wastewater utility worker recovered it and rushed it to the hospital, where doctors performed reattachment surgery early Sunday morning. (Anchorage Daily News) I think I can understand why he wanted out.

Store clerk is attacked with sausage in vacuum cleaner dispute. Oh, the hazards of serving the public.


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