Happy Birthday, Mom!

The Andrews Sisters – Winter Wonderland
Music by Felix Bernard, lyrics by Richard B. Smith. Perry Como also had a popular rendition of this song. The Andrew Sisters were Maxine, LaVerne, and Shirley. No, that’s not right. I can never remember the third Andrews Sister. They were way before my time.

I’d like to take a moment to wish my mother a Happy 71st Birthday. Hang in there, Mom!

I watched Christmas Unwrapped on the History Channel. December 25th used to be the day the Romans celebrated the birth of their Sun God. Naturally, the Church hijacked it and made the birthday of the Son of God although The Gospels indicate that Jesus was born in the spring. It’s interesting to note that in various periods of history, Christmas was not celebrated and in some places, notably England under Oliver Cromwell and in Puritan New England, it was banned altogether. The Puritans levied a 5 shilling fine on anyone exhibiting Christmas spirit. (The Puritans were against anything that might be fun.)

I managed to get about half of my driveway cleared and got started on the area behind the truck. With any luck, I’ll have it dug out sometime tomorrow.

Truck20041223A Truck20041223B
My Truck, 23 December 2004


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