The saga continues

As incredible as it may seem, I managed to get out the door on time this morning with all my stuff. That’s absolutely astounding for a Monday. Actually, it’s amazing for any day of the week. So far, that’s the high point of my day.

I really did not have much faith in my patch of the drain pipe. I had visions of the rubber patch ballooning to the size of a grapefruit and exploding inside the wall, spewing grease and decayed leftovers everywhere. And so I made the appropriate sacrifice to the plumbing gods and engaged the services of a Jedi Master plumber. It turned out that my fears were justified; there would have been a catastrophe at some time in the future, which would have caused a great disturbance in the Force. The expenditure of Republic credits was probably a worthwhile investment. Now I can put my plumbing issues aside and step into the role of Padawan carpenter.
Rotten Pipe
Plumbing heart attack waiting to happen
New pipes
May the Force be with you.


Author: Rick

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